Who Studies at MK Voice?

Whether you are singing in a choir or band, prepping for an audition, want more strength and ease in your singing, are interested in learning more about your own instrument and its mechanics, or simply want to find joy in singing, Molly’s private studio offers a unique opportunity for you to free and love your voice.  

Bringing innovative methods such as Alexander Technique and Body Breath Sound to her teaching, Molly gives her students tools to use on their own outside of lessons to sing at their best, no matter the genre.  MK Voice studio welcomes beginners and non-beginners alike.

Lessons with Molly

Inspired by her own early career journey of recovering her health, studying Alexander work, and discovering continual freedom and joy in her voice, Molly’s mission is to help her students free their voices through singing, speech, awareness, and movement. 

Utilizing a holistic approach to vocal development, Molly’s lessons are geared towards creation of a solid singing technique while also addressing emotional challenges, posture, breath, tension, flexibility, well-being, and self-expression.  She is passionate about cultivating her students’ unique vocal talents and bringing conscious awareness and enjoyment to singing and to life.

Contact Molly to schedule your initial voice lesson