Alexander Technique lessons are a unique process of self-discovery, largely driven by sensory-based tools, and are tailored to the individual needs of each student.  

Combining light, practical hands-on touch with verbal guidance, the lesson is an exploration of your own personal habits, patterns, and movements.  

The ongoing conversation between teacher and student uses senses and kinesthesia to discover information to which you might not have usual access in daily life because of your "auto-pilot" way of functioning. We discover where you initiate your movements, where you limit yourself, and how you can make a new choice and access more useful and innate pathways that ultimately lead to more ease.

The Alexander Technique is a method of getting out of your own way - of shedding excess tensions. The more you can clearly identify which patterns cause your discomfort, the more you can easily dis-engage with them and make a different choice, which can literally shift the wiring of your nervous system. You may notice after a lesson that you are left with a sense of feeling light and free.

Walking into a lesson, you come as you are in that very moment - there is no need to try to be or do something different. Bring your desires, curiosities, and concerns, and be open to learning about yourself in an unconventional way. "Embrace the weird" was a comment I heard from a recent lesson - a willingness to experience something new can ultimately lead to a more thriving state of being.

Private lessons are the fastest and most transformative way to study self-expression and pain-free living. Using primal movements such as walking, sensing, sitting, standing, and interacting with simple objects, we study how we can bring greater ease, efficiency, power, and grace into what we do.  

Join me in discovering the possibility of infusing daily life with space, lightness, balance, and joy!

Molly is not just a great teacher, but a guide for the discovery of the voice. She was able to shine light on faulty beliefs that I held for my voice, and guide me to singing things that I thought were not possible for me. Once I knew that it was possible, I was back to singing and smiling. Molly’s teachings of Alexander Technique have had a dramatic impact on me, not just in song but in my entire life.
— Eric S