Molly Kittle 

PsychoPhysical Education - Alexander Technique

Sound Body - merging the mechanics of movement with the beauty of being


Exploring your unique potential through work inspired by F.M. Alexander.  
Discover how to make profound, conscious, life-altering choices –
beyond rules or expectations, beyond both habit and knowledge.







Welcome to your body-in-the-world! I’ve learned how my body hears words because Molly speaks to it with uncanny discernment and it responds like it never has for me before. She teaches me that my “bad” habits are not bad, and leads them through steps where they gradually transform.
— Ron B
Molly is a sensitive, intuitive, and kind Alexander Technique practitioner who continues to guide me toward a better understanding of the mechanics of my body. Through her suggestions, explanations, and fabulous handwork, she has taught me to feel my body as a whole unit. Her knowledge of body movement is vast. Her gentle, insightful hands invite relief and alignment. I feel synchronized when I leave our sessions.
— Stasia J
Molly is amazing! She has a wonderful ability to communicate directly to the body and illustrate the novel perceptions accompanying changes benefitting our physical selves.
— Beth B