Helping The Helpers

An Alexander-Technique-Inspired Workshop for Music Therapists

Sunday Afternoon, October 6th, 2019
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Music therapists offer their honed skills, talents, and passions to help others heal and cope.

This workshop offers support for those who play supportive roles in their work — how can you find more ease and care of yourself and your condition while you interact with and support others?

Come explore in an afternoon of fun games, interactive learning, and integration of useful tools that will apply directly to your work.

Bring your favorite or most-used instrument and an open mind, and discover how you can create more resource for yourself as you share your talents with those who need them most.

Q: Who is this workshop for?

A: Professional & Student-level Music Therapists

Anyone who desires more ease, support, and joy in facilitating their work as a music therapist. Anyone who wants to use him or herself in more efficient and natural ways without the restrictions of habitual movement patterns which can cause tension, fatigue, and limit abilities. And, anyone who is interested in learning how to make changes for themselves - to feel empowered in their own unique "whole body instrument."

This workshop is not a cheat sheet or a set of quick fixes. The strategies you'll learn (which are based on the principals of the Alexander Technique) are effective, and they do take time and effort to implement. This workshop encourages the process of changing non-useful habits that don't serve you in your playing, your work, or ultimately your daily life. That being said, it's likely that utilizing a few new tools and making simple adjustments will make an immediate difference, perhaps even a significant one.

Q: What is Alexander Technique?


Alexander Technique is a practical hands-on study of the principles of coordination, movement, habit, and awareness, furthering the work of FM Alexander.

Teachers of the Alexander work help you notice how and when you are working harder than you need, to realize your habitual movement patterns, and learn to make changes on your own.

Through light touch and basic anatomical information, this technique helps you to access innate coordination, achieving ease, grace, comfort, strength, and flexibility in your profession or craft, such as instrument playing and performing, as well as in the activities of everyday life.

Q: Who is teaching the workshop?

A: Molly Kittle

To learn more about Molly, click HERE.

Workshop hours: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Molly will be available after the workshop to take any additional questions and briefly work with individuals

What To Bring/Wear:

Whatever instrument you use the most (optional), and comfortable clothing for movement activities.

Cost for Workshop

Please note that fees for this workshop are non-refundable


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Floorspace Studio (in North Boulder)

1510 Zamia Avenue
Suite 101
Boulder, CO 80304

Please park on the street (the small parking lot next to the studio is for residents only)

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