A course of private Alexander Technique lessons are a unique process of kinesthetic self-discovery, tailored to each student's individual needs.  Using a combination of hands-on work and verbal guidance, the lesson becomes an exploration of your own personal habits, patterns, and movements.  

The ongoing conversation between teacher and student uses senses and kinesthesia to discover information to which you might otherwise not have access in daily life because of your "auto-pilot" way of functioning.  We discover where you initiate your movements, where you stop yourself, and how you can make a new choice and access a more open, innate pathway that ultimately leads to more ease.

Walking into a lesson, you come as you are in that very moment, with no need to try to be or do something different.  Bring with you your needs, hopes, and concerns.  Be open to learning about yourself in an unconventional way.

The Alexander Technique is a method of getting out of your own way - of shedding excess tensions.  The more you can clearly identify which patterns cause your discomfort, the more you can stop doing them.  You will be left with a sense of feeling light and free.

Private lessons are the fastest and most transformative way to study self-expression and pain-free living.  Using primal movements such as walking, sensing, sitting, standing, and interacting with simple objects, we study how we can bring greater ease, efficiency, power, and grace into what we do.  

Join me in discovering the possibility of infusing our daily experiences of the present moment with space, lightness, balance, and joy.